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Tuesday 19 April 2016


Winner of BBC’s Earth Wildest Waters: The Big Fish, James Stokoe has joined forces with Tyne Rivers Trust to encourage those looking for a more wild fishing experience to try the Tyne Angling Passport (TAP).

Run by Tyne Rivers Trust, the charity which looks after the river Tyne, TAP offers a day’s fishing on a range of ‘wild’ beats across the Tyne catchment for only £8 per day. All proceeds go to the charity which puts the money back into improving the river.

James says: “This is a great way for people to spend quality time outdoors and experience the joys of wild trout fishing. There’s some really scenic locations included in the scheme and fishing for wild brown trout can be very rewarding. This is the ideal way for anybody who’s interested in fishing to give it a go or for experienced anglers to hone their skills.

“Brown trout fishing on the Tyne can be overlooked because of the amazing runs and catches of salmon, but there are great numbers and some phenomenally sized trout to be had. This is a great opportunity to fish for this amazing native species and its low cost means more people can take advantage of it.”

The beats available range from Alston in the south west of the catchment, down to Cow Green Reservoir in County Durham and Rowlands Gill in Gateshead. The beats primarily offer brown trout fishing but anglers can enjoy good fishing for Grayling on the river Derwent and for the occasional salmon and sea trout on the Devil’s Water and the river Rede.

Aidan Pollard, Fisheries Consultant for Tyne Rivers Trust says: “We’re grateful for the goodwill of the beat owners who by donating use of the beats keep fishing accessible and affordable.  In buying a day ticket through the Tyne Angling Passport you not only get a good day’s fishing, but you also support Tyne Rivers Trust in conserving rivers across our magnificent catchment.

“These are great places to go to learn the finer skills of wild trout fishing. It’s the ideal day out for those who seek the peace and tranquillity of fishing off the beaten track.”

For a full list of beats, maps, availability and to book visit:

Full list of beats in the TAP scheme

North Tyne South Tyne Rede River Derwent + reservoirs Other tributeries
Houghton Castle Trout Alston (lower) Cottonshope Lintzford Chollerton Farm
Chesters Trout Alston (upper)Melkridge Stobbs Farm Rowlands Gill Beaumont House Farm
Lewisburn Lambley Estate Trout Rochester Cow Green Reservoir Swallowship
Kielder Burn     Balderhead Reservoir  

About Tyne Rivers Trust

Tyne Rivers Trust has been working to improve the River Tyne and its catchment since 2004. In that time we’ve reduced the number of barriers to fish migrating upstream, improved huge amounts of river habitat and improved the quality of water so that aquatic life can thrive.

Working with schoolchildren and communities that live along the Tyne, we also help future generations to understand the value of the river.

While the Tyne is now unrecognisable from the damaged, polluted river it once was, there is no doubt that there are challenges to the river’s health and our work is still needed to protect and improve this important and iconic river system.

We’re a small dedicated team supported by volunteers who help us tackle the practical tasks that keep the river in good health. From removing invasive species to restoring riverbanks and planting trees to reduce the risk of flooding, our volunteers tell us it’s the perfect excuse to spend time outdoors and learn a new skill.

The Tyne is part of the fabric and history of the region and with the help of the communities that live along it we know that we can continue to make it better.

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